FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Bend, OR Sep 23 2020 –– Rival Realty Group, recently launched their services in Central Oregon.

Founded by Dani Jensen and Krissy Bush, Rival represents home buyers and sellers across the region. Their team of Central Oregon natives and legacy real estate professionals leverage local expertise to give their clients the competitive edge in a saturated market.

But it’s their commitment to around-the-clock customer service that truly differentiates Rival Realty from the competition. “The industry has changed a lot in the last few years, and not always for the better,” says co-founder, Dani Jensen. “We saw service take a backseat to convenience once real estate tech and apps became more available.” Rival Realty Group is here to change that.

Whether they’re marketing a new listing, assessing home values, or negotiating contract terms, Rival’s agents take a proactive approach. Something which, they believe, has fallen out of style in recent years. “It’s a saturated market,” says co-owner Krissy Bush. “A lot of young professionals have learned it’s fairly easy to get your real estate license. It’s what happens after you get the license that sets you apart.”

As part of their client-first promise, Rival Realty Group takes a lifestyle-driven approach to real estate. They firmly believe that their clients are buying more than a property—they’re investing in their future. And, when working with Rival, that future seems to be bright.

About Rival Realty Group:
Founded by legacy real estate professionals, Rival Realty Group helps their clients rise to the challenges of buying and selling in Central Oregon. By combining the convenience of modern tech and good, old-fashioned hard work, they go above and beyond to deliver results, not excuses. Learn more at